Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors over Hamachi

Woah! It’s been a while since I did this last, so I might be a little rusty.


Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Expansion

AoE2: The Conquerors was one of the best strategy games ever released. And even though it’s been close to 10 years since it first hit the shelves, it still remains a classic. So you can imagine my disappointment when one fine day, a few days back, I clicked the button to play Conquerors online via the MSN gaming zone, and I found that they’d stopped hosting it!

Chapter 1: The hunt for a substitute!

Well then, we couldn’t have that. So I began looking for something that would allow me to play Conquerors via the Internet. After a few google queries, I found Hamachi! Logmein’s VPN service.

Chapter 2:Downloading and Installing Hamachi!

The installation process is painless. A few clicks and you’re done. Hamachi loads up, and you’re assigned a permanent IP address.

The next thing you need to do is create a network, which involves choosing a name (one that has not already been taken, this is by far the hardest thing to do), and setting a password for that network. Others can join your network if they have Hamachi and know the name and password of your network.

You should now have a network setup.

NOTE: For Windows XP users: Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Network Connections. Click on Advanced on the Menu bar, then Advanced Settings. You will see a Connections box, and Hamachi will be at the bottom. Bring it all the way up.

changing connection priority

Changing connection priority in Windows XP

If you use Windows Vista: Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Network and Sharing Center –> Manage Network Connections. Press Alt for the hidden menu bar to show up, and then click Advanced –> Advanced Settings, and change the priority.

Changing connection priority in Vista

Changing connection priority in Vista

Chapter 3: Launching Conquerors!

Launch Conquerors. Host a game via Internet/TCP IP. Check your IP address after you create a game, and the hamachi IP should show up.

Other players on your hamachi network can join the game by clicking on Show Games and entering your IP address.


197 Responses to “Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors over Hamachi”

  1. techlahore Says:

    If you like hamachi you should try out remobo, which combines hamachi style private networks, logmein style remote access and private file sharing in a single application. The only downer is that it doesn’t yet support Linux.

  2. I do all the things that you said …but when I put my friend’s ip hamachi , the game it says “unable to Join game”

    What is wrong?

    thank you

  3. randomeffect Says:

    When your friend creates a multi-player game, does AoE show their Hamachi IP? Your friend would also need to change the priority.

    Additionally when you first launch an AoE multi-player game, Windows will have a pop-up asking you whether you want to allow AoE network services. You will have to click allow. I recommend you set this up with the firewall disabled.

  4. How do i do that?

  5. randomeffect Says:

    Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Windows Firewall.

    Just click the Off button, Apply then Ok to exit.

  6. i already do that and it doesn’t work… says always the same thing

  7. randomeffect Says:

    Have you tried hosting the game? And does your friend have their firewall disabled?

  8. Yes i have already tried that….yes he has the firewall disabled but it still doesn’t work…

    i Don’t get why?! –‘

    • First of all you have to Create game in Option Multiplayer>>Internet TCP\IP in AOE 2
      then the other player who wants to join..!!! they PUT your’s Hamachi (the person who is maaking the server) IP in Option Multiplayer>>Internet TCP\IP in AOE 2…… Thus you will able to play game..lolx xD

  9. thanks heaps man very much appreciated for info works a treat

  10. Codegamer Says:

    I think i know what you do wrong. Maybe it’s your hamachi. Check the this out:

    For Windows XP users: Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Network Connections. Click on Advanced on the Menu bar, then Advanced Settings. You will see a Connections box, and Hamachi will be at the bottom. Bring it all the way up.

    for the priority of your hamachi

  11. it is already in the top hamachi!

  12. Stu Grainger Says:

    Hey dude, you gonna run your blog with just one post? Come on now, that’s lame.

  13. I’m with you on this one, Stu! Let’s see if Mr. Lazy here can move his feeble behind and hunt-and-peck another post. Geez, I tell ya, some people! HEY BUDDY!!! I can go download hamachi from logmein and we all know it’ll run with AoE… The internet didn’t need another blog just so you could get your one minute of fame. If you can’t be bothered to post here, why should anyone bother to visit.

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  15. Hay,

    Rapha139 it seems that you do not have the same version as your friend, therefore you are unable to join her/his game as they are different versions.

    Try installing the same version and then check if it works or not.

    Hope that helps.

  16. Hay guys i have my own network on Hamachi join to play Age of Empires 2 (or Age of Kings)

    Network name: snipzor
    Network password: qwert


  17. it don’t work with us:S we have disabled firewall we have same version. same hamachi. we both get hamachi ip in game. But it’s still UNABLE TO JOIN GAME. but i have 1 clue for you. I can’t find his game, but he can find mine.. what’s this all about?? someone help me out please??


  18. I seem to have the same problem as Happyshit. My friend cannot even see my game, but I can see his, though when I want to connect I’m facing the login/loading screen for like forever. That’s when we try to connect over the internet itself (non-hamachi). Both turned off software firewall and opened all the needed ports. Both use Vista HP x64.

    We tried hamachi (not yet in this specific way, will do) but that didn’t work out either, but like I said, so far.

    There has to be a solution for this, right? It’s such an awesome game, I just wanna play it!!! And we have played it over the internet so often (with my configuration being the same, though my friend had XP at that time).

  19. Paraschivescu Eduard Says:

    1) the big problem is that with Windows Vista you can’t host, or play LAN, or network games that were designed for prior OS’s, like XP or Me (etc…)

    2) Hamachi works just fine with AoE2 on XP-XP, even XP-2000, don’t try to make it work with Vista: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

    3) If anyone wants to help me make a connection, I would be thankful

  20. I got it done! Says:

    I got it working using Vista following the instructions given above. Can it be a hamachi issue? Because this seems to work for some people and not for others…

  21. Paraschivescu Eduard Says:

    any one wanna play?

    Network name: Bozaoe
    Network passw: minime

  22. Paraschivescu Eduard Says:

    well it might even be an internet acces issue

  23. THANK YOU MAN! MY OWN PERSONAL JESUS CHRIST! Working like a charm on 2 x64 machines over the internet (through hamachi)


  24. I also want to add here: I have used my Vista x64 laptop to play AoE2:TC over LAN with several XP machines. Works flawlessly.

    Oh and in my previouw post I of course mean: “on 2 Vista x64 machines”.

  25. vanStedje Says:


    Me and my friend got the same problem. Here are our specs:

    – Both running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit
    – Having the same Hamachi and AOE2 version
    – Logged on to the same wireless network
    – Both disabled the vista firewall and using McAfee anti-virus program (where we have allowed AOE2 on the McAfee firewall
    – Have tried to run the game in XP SP2 compability mode

    We followed the tutorial every step. When we create game in AOE2 we also have the Hamachi IP-adress. BUT IT WON’T WORK.

    Seems to have the same problem as the rest of you, but do you guys have some of “the same specs” that we do?

    And to you who got it to work; do you run vista 32 bit ?

    Thanks for all help!

  26. Why the hell do you want to use hamachi when you’re already on the same wireless network? It should work just fine when you start a LAN game (the lowest in the row)!

    Just make sure you disable all firewalls (be sure to uncheck the squares with Windows Firewall, those of your different connections, LAN, wireless, hamachi).

    As I said, we both ran Vista Home Premium x64, but that was over internet. I played AoE2:TC a lot of times over LAN, and last time I used Vista x64 and other people used XP. So really, you shouldn’t have to do anything with hamachi!

  27. Epoch Ameiroir Says:

    Hey. I am running Windows XP and my girlfriend is running Windows Vista. We both have the same patch (1.0c). We are connected through Hamachi. However, when I host the game, she can see my game but she cannot connect to it. When she hosts the game, I cannot even see her game, even though I am using the IP address and her host machine name. We tried turning off the firewalls and it still did not work. Any advice or suggestions?

    By the way…we got it to work once, but she needed the 1.0c patch, and we closed out so I could give it to her and then it never worked afterward.


  28. Hey people, I tested today AOE2:C over Hamachi.
    I tested on my PC and Toshiba laptop. Both of them have Windows XP Service Pack 3 installed. PC is connected to internet this way (Ethernet LAN card >UTP LAN cable> D-Link DSL-G684T wirellese ADSL router > phone line.
    My Toshiba laptop is connected by wireless card to the same router.
    1. I installed Hamachi on both computers, gave both computers 5 character names in lowercase and Hamachi created IP adresses for both. My firewall reported that a new Local Area Network named hamachi is active
    2. I installed AOE 2 and AOE2:C from same CDs (pirated version with crack)
    3. I installed AoC 1.0e Patch on both computers which I downloaded from internet
    4. I unblocked these games in firewalls to allow them internet connection. I have Comodo Firewall 3.5 installed on both, plus Windows firewall is active on laptop (I also unblocked AOE2:C in it)
    5. Created a network in Hamachi on a PC, and joined it with laptop’s Hamachi. In Hamachi I can see that both computers are visible
    6. Then I entered the game on both computers, and with a PC I created Multiplayer game by selecting last option Local(LAN) TCP/IP Connection
    7. I entered the game on a laptop, selected Multiplayer and a last option on a list > Local(LAN) TCP/IP Connection
    7a. Now I can see the game created by a PC on a laptop, click Join and it WORKS!!!
    I played only a few minutes but I hope that it will work.

    P.S. I know this works because of Hamachi. How? Simply when I shut Hamachi down on these computers, I try to play AOE2:C in multiplayer over LAN and no games are showing on the other computer. And they are connected over the same router.

    P.S. 2 My email is so anyone who wants a quick game of AOE2:C over Hamachi just contact me. I haven’t played it for years and sometimes I was veery good at it.

  29. network: gkhn53
    password: 53

  30. Erik Andersson Says:

    Hi, have any1 found out what the problem was when you had done everything above here thtats said you should do and you still get the unable to join message when you try to join the game, (im playing with hamachi)

  31. Siddharth Singh Says:

    Hi everyone, my Hamachi network details are as follows:
    network name : playerplays
    password : playerplays

    Join it to play AOE 2- age of conquerors with me

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  33. i just joined the last two but doesnt look like anyone is online…so if someone gets on im willing to play now

  34. To say the truth igzone is a pretty good place. Oh and hamachi works fine

  35. […] machine. I’m going to install and configure hamachi as well, and I’ll be updating the article that started this blog if I find something useful, that I forgot to mention the first time […]

  36. Ok guys… Me and my friend are connected on hamachi, both with windows XP, I’m able to ping him through hamachi, and he can ping me too. When we try to host games , we can see each other’s game, but whenever we try to join the other person’s game it says “Unable to join game”. Any suggestions?

  37. Name:aoeissaai


  38. name: aoeism
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  39. *** PROBLEM ***
    Unable to join game

    *** OVERVIEW ***
    A friend on his VISTA comp, me on my XP – we tried playing AOE II ; didn’t work without Hamachi ; installed Hamachi – worked like a charm, played one weekend – tried the next weekend, Unable to Join Game

    1. Uninstalled Hamachi & AOE II , reinstalled and issue persists
    2. Confirmed that Hamachi is at the top in Network Connections
    3. Firewalls and Anti-Virus are disabled
    4. We both have SAME versions of AOE II and Hamachi
    5. FORMATTED MY SYSTEM [ yes, I was that desperate 🙂 ] – issue persists
    6. I can see his game but can’t join, he can see my game but can’t join
    7. 3rd player involved – they both can connect but I can’t — so the issue is definitely on my end
    8. Called ISP to assist with PORT FORWARDING [read that this might be the reason] – still no go

    So at the end of it all, I was able to play once with the same setup but for some f***** up reason, it just won’t work now and I’m at my wits end

    Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated – drop me a line at ; Peace out !!!

  40. I would like to play with the game with other people, hamachi or however…

    if someone is interested add me to MSN: (or email me)

    or does anybody knows where players are grouped and they play together or any web page etc.

  41. im waiting 3 vs 3


  42. Well, I suppose ill add my story although it is similar to others.
    I wanted to play AoE 2 against some friends over the internet, but couldnt find a ‘proper’ way to do it. We all (3 of us) installed hamachi and joined the same network and thought everything was swell. I created a game (in internet TCP/IP, second from the bottom) which they could all see (when searching for hamachi ip) but could not join, and when they created a game I could not even see it. After a gruelling process of port forwarding on my router & modem, I eventually managed to create a game that they were able to join!!! Life was bliss and we enjoyed a few games with each other for about a week. HOWEVER, one day when trying to play a game, the original problem appeared again and my friends could not join my game (although they could see it). I then went through all the same processes I did earlier but to no avail… thus I have now resorted to scouring the internet and forums such as these for an answer. If anyone has managed to solve this problem I would be very grateful if they would share their wisdom. All of us are using XP btw. Until then.

    P.S sorry for the long post but i got carried away

    P.S.S its really not that long actually…

  43. wannaplayage Says:

    network name: combat empires II
    pass: 123

  44. same problem as a lot of people.
    everything correct, can see games,
    can’t join games.

    what’s the problem, no one knows?


  45. HickJackson Says:

    I got it! I got it! It was my Router (Dlink DI-624, default) ! I’ve been having the same problem as described here and eventually ran an ethernet line straight from my providers equipment to my computer and THEN:

    The computer that could see my games but could not connect– suddenly joined! It worked we played a short game.

    Although I still had trouble seeing a game the other computer hosted (both xp) But I didnt really look into it since I was just so happy to have it work!

    Thanks all! Hope this helps you too!

  46. Can’t join no matter what I try. Ping’s correct, shows all as ready, game shows in internet tab, but gives unable to join or Ping 30.

  47. make sure all the players are online on the same network, otherwise it wont work =)
    good luck

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  53. red indian Says:

    thanks …thanks…thanks..alot

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  55. Guys if this does not work for you, you must forward your ports

    Me and my friend tried for hours but it did not work until every player had forwarded the ports correctly

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  57. damn unable to join game

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  60. hello all. I’m dropping another into the pool of unable to join peeps…

    I’ve forwarded the ports needed.
    28800-29100*i think*

    xp SP3.

    and one more… i followed off the age of king website that gave the ports…
    I’ve turned off all firewalls. all security. static ip for the forwarded ports. i tried the auto connect setting for my wireless.

    STILL CAN NOT get it to work…

    if anyone has a fix PLEASE lol. i’ve tried everything but connecting my laptop to the cable modem itself….

    and on side note.
    you people at the top can just go pout somewhere with your complaints of trying to help someone… OBVIOUSLY his problem is more widespread considering who posted their problems.

    It sucks it seems there is no fix to this out of all the people here. i guess you have to be part of the lucky.

  61. RE: yoo

    Ages is some total prick shit for some reason. Try a million different things and get pissed a shitload then when you don’t really wanna play anymore it’ll randomly work and you’ll be pissed. Works like a charm!

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  64. Hello, I have downloaded Hamachi, and set both computer priorites first, for Hamachi.

    I can communicate with the other computer good, but not on AOE, I cannot see the person, Why, Firewalled? Router Firewall?

  65. Please can somebody help?
    My and my friend can host, we can see eachother, we can ping eachother, but unable to join game. The priority is the highest place so..
    But i don’t get you when you say, check the IP adres from Hamachi in Aoe 2. Please mail, i dont gonna look here much times.

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  71. Hi!

    We are trying to connect aoe2 over the internet with two Vista machines. Both were unable to launch game through gamespy arcade (multiplayer). When we manually punch in our IP to join his/mine game nothing happens. It searches a bit, but doesn`t find a thing.

    We installed Hamachi, but that didn`t help. He lives in another town, so LAN is kinda out of the question.

    Any ideas?

    This is immensly annoying!


  72. blingblang Says:

    There are 3 distint problems when dealing with AOEII.

    1) Game version – make sure you have the same version of the game
    2) Firewall – disable antivirus and Windows firewalls
    3) Router – setup of router is incorrect

    The first 2 are easy to solve, the router is hit or miss with the port forwarding or enabling DMZ on the specific computers IP.

    If it is #3 try bypassing the router by directly plugging into the modem.

    If you want to use the router, good luck, I have yet to find a solution to that.

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  86. If you’ve tried everything to get AOE2 working on Hamachi and failed, you’ll be pleased to know there is a better program you can use. It works on the same principle as Hamachi (creating a virtual LAN), but it is designed specifically for playing games and works much, much better with no configuration.
    It’s called Tunngle, and, just like hamachi, it’s free, easy to set up, lightweight, secure and creates direct peer to peer connections with little latency.
    As of now, it’s only in beta, so it’s only in German, but a proper release in English is expected very soon. This tutorial shows you how to use it.

    I played Age of Empires 2 with a friend and it worked the first time, no problems whatsoever 🙂
    You can download Tunngle from

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  88. hi every one, I installed hamachi on my lap and in my other desk PC that is conected via ethernet, I set hamachi as a high priority web and desactivated my firewall and everything, I conected my two computeres on the same web and started adn AOE2 multiplayer I was able to play without problems for 1 week, later I uninstalled and installed back Hamachi from my PC (desk computer on ethernet) I followed the same procedure and I was able to conetct my PC and my lap on a Hamachi web I started a AOE2 mutiplayer on my PC and my lap detected it however when i click join, after 20 or 30 seconds a message appears saying “unable to join”, another friend also in our hamachi web created a multiplayer on AOE2 and I am able to acces his game from my lap however my PC does not detect that game, I’ve tried everything installing Hamachi again, putting down the firewall setting hamachi as high priority web and nothing seems to work, the only thing I think might be causing the problem is that when I conected my 2 computers on the first week I used an IP different from the one that appears in hamachi my PC on AOE2 when pressing the IP square would show something like 192.200….. or something like that, and after that first week it would show the same IP as in the hamachi web, I don’t know if that has something to do but I have really tried verything so any suggestiond will be appreciated.

    • Hey David.
      Try using Tunngle instead of Hamachi. I’ve never gotten AOE2 to work over hamachi, but it worked the first time using Tunngle :).
      It’s still in beta at the moment, so it’s in German, but they’re going to release an international version any day now 😀

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  104. Just wanted to say that this worked for me and my friend. He was in a different city, and we wanted to use this so that we could play Custom maps (Game Ranger didn’t allow custom maps). He had XP and I had Windows 7. We didn’t do any port forwarding, but he turned off his firewall and I put my antivirus on game mode. We also followed the instructions to put Hamachi at top priority.
    He couldn’t see my games, but I could see his. We joined and it worked a treat!
    Good luck to you all!

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  106. Or you can all just play at gameranger, which you can join the games on a computer table interface, without having to search for IP adresses and other nonsense like that. Gameranger takes about 30 secs to download And it is definately worth it. There are so many people playing AOE and TC. After 10 years they still have over 30000+ playing

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  123. can not get this damn thing to work. Im on win7 x64 and mate is on xp. sp3 prob. we can both see each others game. both running same versions. error we get ‘unable to join game’

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